Our Commitment

Plastic has become an essential Item and plays important roles
in our daily life. It is widely used to replace paper, glass, metal
and other natural material for the productions of packaging for
variety containers.

Due to its excellent physical properties, convenience of using
and low costing the demand for plastic has rapidly increased
in many industries.

Thai Polyplaspac Co.,Ltd. Have realized the important role
of plastic, and have Profoundly commited ourself to strive
for the development of the best quality plastic sheet-products
to meet the demand of plastic industries.

The company’s modern manufacturing facility is equipped with
the most sophisticated and high technology machinery.
All production-processes are under strict and close supervision,
excellent Q.C.system, well organized inventory-controlled system
and on-time delivery. These are our commitment to ensure that
our customers receive only the best quality products and
the most courteous service. We are proud to be part of
the manufacturers who are upporting for local industries to lead
our country’s industries to step forward up to global industrial